Spirit of the Garden

by Rose & the Nightingale



Rose & the Nightingale’s album "Spirit of the Garden" celebrates the sublimity of gardens through song & poetry. Inspired by botanical gardens the world over, and the sense of contemplation & connection one can experience in these special spaces, Spirit of the Garden’s lyrical, energetic, and inspiring music features three part vocal harmonies, violin, cello, piano, trumpet, and percussion. Post-concert remarks from audience members have shown Rose & the Nightingale’s ability to cut through to a deeper level of human connection through the energy of music.

All the lyrics in Spirit of the Garden are poems celebrating the nexus of spirituality and nature, and the ability to connect and feel a part of something greater through open & aware engagement with the natural world. The songs offer immense gratitude to botanical gardens’ role as contemplative spaces, as places helping us reflect and engage with our concepts of individual versus collective identity. Poets featured include living American poets Maria Brady Smith, Ella Cvancara, & Wyn Cooper, as well as Oc poet Miquel Decor (southern France), and Rumi.

Spirit of the Garden is officially released on Sunnyside Records (www.sunnysiderecords.com) on May 7, 2013.


released May 7, 2013

Music by Jody Redhage (Scarlet Tree Music ASCAP)
Words by Jody Redhage, Ella Cvancara, Miquel Decor translated by Jeannette Rogers, Maria Brady Smith, Rumi translated by Coleman Barks, Evan Karp, Silvi Alcivar, Wyn Cooper, and Japanese haiku masters Issa, Hoitsu, Shiki, and Koyo.

Jody Redhage, cello, voice
Sara Caswell, violin & mandolin
Leala Cyr, voice & trumpet
Laila Biali, voice & piano
with guest Ben Wittman, percussion

Recorded by Paul Wickliffe at Skyline Pro Studios, Hampton, NJ, on Feb. 21 & 22, 2012 and by Michael Brorby in Brooklyn on Aug. 15, 2012
Mixed by Ben Wittman at Wittman Productions, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO


all rights reserved



Rose & the Nightingale New York, New York

Rose & the Nightingale is four powerful New York based multi-instrumentalists and improvisers: Jody Redhage (voice, cello, compositions), Leala Cyr (voice, trumpet), Sara Caswell (violin, mandolin), & Laila Biali (voice, piano). The band's warm sound of three part vocal harmonies, intricate arrangements, and burning solos has proven to cut through to a deeper level of connection with audiences. ... more

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Track Name: It's So Beautiful
It's so beautiful outside
beams of sunlight as my guide
we're so beautiful inside
inside outside, we're all inspired

sing truth
the water's glisten sparkle pull
sing truth
a portal to the inner world
sing truth
an ageless spaceless timeless sphere
sing truth
remind us there's nothing to fear

through the window I see
folks are living so peacefully
and how I wonder how those out there
how they choose freedom, rather than fear

when I walk alone in the wood
open and aware
I know that I can and I should
learn all I need there
Track Name: Butterfly
Beating your wings

On this tiny leaf, all white
You will gather the nectar
Of the almond blossom
And you will bring me back your breath
Track Name: I write you a love poem
I write you a love poem
I tear the page from my notebook
Fold it into an airplane
And send it to you

Caught on the breeze
It floats gently down
Engulfed by the fire
That burns between us

They don't matter anymore
The words my companion

It is the embers
The ashes drifting
The smoke rising
That become a part of the air we breathe

I write you a love poem
I tear the page from my notebook
Fold it into an airplane
And send it to you
Track Name: The Orchid Room
Enter this room she said, giving permission
to breathe the petals of breath orchids steal and give
reminding us life begins like this
in the beauty of being
delicate and gasping
crying out in streaks of red

Everything we are is
held in the gift of being alive
Everything we will ever be is
returning to soil and seed

Enter this room she said, the rarest orchids are blooming again
there's a silence in the words she says
a giving permission
and offering
the beauty of being
and being reminded
we are this orchid
delicate and gasping
petals and petas

Everything we are is
held in the gift of being alive
Everything we will ever be is
returning to soil and seed

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